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Atelier Leadership : how to make active choices? / 13 mars 2018

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outshineHave you ever :

  • Turned down a job offer, although it was really exciting?
  • Assumed that if you were performing well in your job, opportunities will present themselves?
  • Thought that you can’t have it all, and had to choose between career and family life?
  • Felt more impressed than inspired by success stories of other women ?

If yes, then you will probably be interested in our workshop “Leadership to make active choices

This workshop is about getting out of unconscious and self-limiting choices. You will learn how to go from « I don’t want », or  « I cant’ » to « I want and I can ». This is a great aspect of Leadership.

This workshop is held by SHEMIN NURMOHAMED and MARINE AUBIN ; together they founded Carbon Leadership and they’ve just published « Outshine » a guidebook to achieve this conscious leadership.
The workshop will be in English.


Speakers’ bios :

Shemin Nurmohamed:
Shemin is currently the CEO for Pitney Bowes France. Prior to this role she held several CFO, Director and VP roles at local, EMEA and Global levels at several Fortune 500 companies. She has led several transformations concentring on the motivation of emerging teams; developing innovative strategies; building leadership capabilities; enabling diversity and continuously encouraging entrepreneurial spirit in large multinational corporations.

Marine Aubin
Marine Aubin is a French entrepreneur and consultant, with an expertise in innovation management. After beginning her career at Blablacar as an innovation manager and spending 4 years in a consulting firm, she launched her own structure to help companies on their innovation strategies and approaches along with designing user experiences. Marine is also the founder of WondHer. She seats on the board of the UN Women French Committee and is serving as president for Women and Inspiration, and gives workshops on how to take risks.

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